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Nadia Saco:
We were referred to Lars Lindstrom of Romantic Wedding videos by a mutual friend. We contacted Lars with the hope of hiring him to film our intimate elopement. We were skeptical to hire someone we had never met before. But from the first time we contacted Lars, he was extremely professional, friendly, and attentive in his communications with us. After viewing some of his work we knew he was the videographer for us. He was able to accommodate our wedding budget and short timeline. Lars was the absolute BEST addition to our big day. He captured our wedding in a way that exceeded our wildest expectations. He also edited the video in a matter of days. Lars has since become one of our closest friends. I would recommend Romantic Wedding Videos to anyone who is seeking a talented team of videographers! We debuted our wedding video to 50 of our family and friends at my fathers home. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was like everyone was able to attend our big day through the video. We will cherish this video for the rest of our lives!

Nicole Vaz:
Lars Lindstrom of Romantic Wedding Videos is absolutely amazing.  We looked through hundreds of wedding videographers and couldn’t find one that we liked.  Then we came across Romantic Wedding Videos and we thought this has to be too good to be true.  He was in L.A. and we weren’t sure if he would travel to Santa Barbara, but he had no problem with traveling.  The videos were stunning on the website. When we called Lars and met with him the experience couldn’t be better.  He was so easy to work with and accommodating.  He filmed a pre-wedding love story and at our wedding showed an edit of this with same day footage.  We were blown away and our guests were amazed, they couldn’t stop talking about the same day edit.  The quality was phenomenal, it looked like a real movie.  We could not believe that he was able to show footage from our actual wedding at the wedding, it was so cool!  Lars and his team were also super professional and worked well with our photographer.  Our final video was amazing too. Lars went out of his way to ensure that we were happy and that the final cut was exactly what we wanted.  He is so great that we are having him shoot my sister’s wedding in NY this year.  If you want a complete professional, amazing movie quality video, reasonable pricing, and the best videographer I would higher Romantic Wedding Videos!!  Our video is truly a treasure and a memory we will cherish for a lifetime!

Mia Cluff:
We absolutely loved having Lars with Romantic Wedding Videos capture our special day. He did such an amazing job with the videography, we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. He is also so friendly and awesome to work with! I would recommend him to anyone who wants a professional yet different from the typical wedding video. We love Romantic Wedding Videos!!

Purnima Rawat:
Lars is a genius! He was the videographer for my wedding in November last year. I couldn’t have been happier with his work. Extremely friendly and open to suggestions, Lars is an absolute delight. He made the most heart touching same day edit from my wedding which was shown at the reception. My friends and family had tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces as they watched the wonderful video. His brilliance at capturing the emotions and energy of the occasion are exemplary. He uses state of the art equipment and his videos are flawless. He is every bride and groom’s dream come true. He did a great job of filming the most special day of my life and has given me beautiful memories which I can watch and cherish for a lifetime. I am so glad I hired Lars from Romantic Videos and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Myra Merrill:
I had the privilege working with Romantic Wedding Videos and they are first class. Very professional, organized, fun, and personal. The communication with the clients is definitely something to be desired and rare in other video companies. Not only was I able to work with Romantic Wedding Videos, but they also did my wedding as well. My video turned out breath taking and I watch it over and over again and it always takes me right back to that very special day! I highly recommend this company! They will capture your day in a way you didn’t think could be possible.

Ashlyn Hawkins:
We loved using Romantic Wedding Videos. So easy to work with, and the finished product is amazing! It is so fun to have a same day edit of the video to show at the reception. Our guests loved it and so did we! I would highly recommend using them!

NaTaya Doyle:
Lars, aka the master mind behind Romantic Wedding Videos, is the best at what he does and frankly the best videographer I have ever seen or known. I was so happy with our wedding video and the time frame in which everything was done. He captured my wedding day in a fairytale-like style. He delivered a video that looked, as my friends and family like to say, ‘like a Hollywood trailer to a romance film’. Working with Romantic Wedding Videos was an absolute joy and it felt like Lars was part of the wedding party from the beginning. For your own good use this company. There is nothing more romantic than watching this video every anniversary with my husband and remembering the joy we felt surrounded by our friends and family sharing the love. You won’t regret one dime spent or one minute captured. They don’t just sell wedding videos, they preserve precious moments that time seems to steal away from us. Plus, that day is like a whirlwind anyway, so without Romantic Wedding Videos I wouldn’t remember a darn thing.

Kristin Parson:
The best advise I received for my wedding was how important the wedding video was.  So many people told me the day was a blur and to make sure the wedding video captured the day.  I searched all over southern California and am thrilled I chose Romantic Wedding Videos!  Their experience and education in film helped produce a product superior to my expectations!  Even my fiance who hates cameras laughed and even cried in the filming because of Lars’ skill to put people at ease.  If you need a videographer be sure to book Romantic Wedding Videos!

Saul Valdez:
I’ve been to a lot of weddings and have seen my share of wedding videos over the years.  I can tell you that the work I saw the other day at a wedding I attended was really exceptional. It was apparent that most of the footage was taken the day of the wedding and I must agree with the previous review that it looked like the finished product had the look of days if not weeks of really good editing.  If I were a groom looking to have a video that would elicit the feelings that come to the surface on the day of the wedding, I would want Lars of  Romantic Wedding Videos to do my wedding or any other event that would be worth capturing for that matter.  Really great work!  I highly recommend his work.

Aaron Valdez:
Really enjoyed the work that Romantic Wedding Videos did at a recent wedding I went to.  I was working as the DJ and this videographer was a pleasure to work with.  Very professional and accommodating to whatever situation came up.  His same-day edit video was amazing.  It looked like he had worked on it for weeks and I still couldn’t believe that he had produced the video with much of the footage from that same morning!  

I’m no video expert but in my 13 years in the wedding business myself I have certainly seen my share of wedding videos and RWV is certainly one of my favorites.  Their work speaks for itself.  From a technical standpoint it was a joy working with their videographer who was very professional and organized.  Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a professional wedding video of your special day.